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Here in the UK we have two squirrel species, the Red Squirrel and the Grey Squirrel.  The red squirrel is our native squirrel and is constantly under threat due to the squirrel pox virus which is carried by the non native grey squirrel. 

Many people think grey squirrels are cute and actively encourage them into  their gardens. However, those who have had the misfortune to experience the destruction, stress and cost of having squirrels invade their homes think differently ! 


Squirrels often enter the home via the roof structure and once inside may start to build a nest (drey) using items stored in the loft or loft insulation. Whilst in the loft they will often gnaw on timber structures, copper pipes and electrical cables.  In this picture squirrels gnawed their way through a TV Ariel cable  and created a large hole in the roofing felt which left the owner with an expensive repair bill. 

ProStop Pest Control provides professional advice and treatment options to resolve any squirrel problem you may have. 

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